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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Love, The Glory, The Thorn

I have just had this on my heart and have to share it, especially since it relates to Em.
Emmy has been involved in a show called "The Thorn." It is a portrayal of the Passion story using song, dance, drama, and music.
I saw a couple scenes during their rehearsal when I went to go pick her up on Wednesday night.
I went to the show on Friday and Saturday night.
Each time, I was shaken and stirred. For all the times I have seen on videos or TV a movie about the life of Christ, none has impacted me as much as The Thorn. I truly believe the Spirit is very active in the show. It brought life these tremendous historical events of Jesus' life.
Sometimes in life we try to avoid feeling things. We sometimes don't trust our emotions or feelings. In the case of the Passion though, I believe it is so important to let oneself be deeply moved. In growing up in the church and being a Christ follower for years, I had become too accustomed to hearing the account of His life, sacrifice, and triumph that I didn't always feel the magnitude of it. God has just really reached out to me through the Thorn in using it to rekindle fire, stir my heart, and shake me up towards the glory of the blood of His Son (listen to the wonderful song by Avalon called, "The Glory"!).
The Thorn is a terrific experience for visual learners. It helped me to visualize many scenes from the Bible, such as what a big deal is was when John the Baptist baptized Jesus. Or actually depicting the spiritual warfare that goes on in our lives. Man, that was a huge thing for me. It actually showed the fact that Satan is real, demons are real and while that is terrifying, God has commanded His mighty angels in protecting us in our spiritual battles.
To sum it up, I think some great hymns of our faith express it well:
"When my love to Christ grows weak, when for deeper faith I seek, then in thought I go to thee, Garden of Gethsemane."
"If ever I loved, Thee, my Jesus tis now."


  1. Hello!! I so appreciate that last hymn...I good thought for me.

    I know exactly what you’re going through and I feel so honored to share my thoughts. I do live at home while attending a small, local university and I do this for a few reasons. I truly believe God has called me to the mission field; since I do want to enter the mission field my parents have encouraged me to gain a skill which would be useful. I chose teaching since I hope to work in a closed country and realize being an English teacher can open doors.

    But that’s just me. 

    I really believe that God leads each of us in different ways through the guidance of His Spirit, our parents leading, finances, and our own natural talents and inclinations. And college is not the only way to get to where He wants us; I have several dear friends who seek to be stay at home daughters while some live on a college campus and some who pursue mission work.

    So those are a few of my thoughts; I hope I didn’t sound too wishy-washy.  I just think God leads us in different ways for His glory and purpose. I will be praying that God gives you wisdom to know His will.

    Sorry I couldn’t leave you this at your tumblr site—since I’m not a member it won’t let me leave comments. But now that I’ve found it I’ll sure be visiting more often! And I hope this wasn't too long! Blessings to you!


    1. Thank you for your comments! I value your insights! You don't sound wishy washy at all. I think God's purpose will be accomplished wherever He places us. I'm currently studying Family Studies, which is very informative and I enjoy it! But I have also discovered some mission opportunities as well that I am praying about possibly pursuing. Again, thank you so much for taking time to give your feedback!
      Grace and peace,