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Friday, January 6, 2012

50 Book Challenge: Can We Do It??

Hello friends! Emmy here. Hope everyone had a fun, safe, relaxing, and blessed Christmas break! :) We sure did. We moved into our new house, I performed in my ballet company's production of Nutcracker, I was baptized, and I turned 16! And now we're getting back into everyday schedules/routines.

Ahhh. New year. New goals. I think we all try to make resolutions every year, but never achieve them, or stick with them.
Well, this year will be different! I have a challenge for you all. Let's read 50 books (or more, if you love reading!) by the end of 2012!
You don't have to be reading a book every single day, unless you just read that fast, but rather in your spare time, pick up a good book! For example, while you're watching t.v., during commercial breaks, mute the television, and read!

I think if we all put a little bit of time into it everyday, we can do it!

Let the books begin!!