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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last two songs for this week

I will be traveling tomorrow and won't be able to post a song for tomorrow so I'll do it tonight.

This first song cuts me to the heart. It's called "Love Song" by Third Day. It was played during the crucifixion scene during the Thorn, so having that memory in my mind when I hear it adds a whole other dimension. The love of Jesus fulfills and surpasses any other kind of love. The greatest part of the song is towards the end when he says, "I would do it all again." And I believe it. He went to such great lengths to show His love for us, just to be with us.

This next song by Casting Crowns is also a very meaningful song. God's love is so extravagant. "Spread wide in the arms of Christ is a love that covers sin." 

A joyous Easter weekend to you, friends! May you find endless peace and love in Christ, and in Christ alone! 

Grace and peace, 
Libby and Emmy

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