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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Homeschool and schedules!

Good afternoon folks! Today we are going to be talking about....schedules. Okay maybe not just that, we'll talk about other fun stuff too! Anyway, back to the schedule thing. For the homeschooled readers out there: What do your days look like? Is it structured with a daily schedule of when to wake up, do English, eat lunch, etc? Or do you use your homeschool freedom to the fullest extent by just doing whatever, whenever, as long as your work gets done everyday? I have some friends who say they wake up early to do their math, and others who tell me that they sleep til 10 a.m. and "go to school" in their jammies! So just for fun, I'd love to hear back about what y'all do!
At our house, we go by a loose schedule. By that I mean we wake up at a decent hour, have breakfast, and start the day. Some mornings we wake up earlier than others. We usually have lunch around noon, depending on what time we ate breakfast. The school work tends to wrap up around 2 or 3. And we hardly ever work in our pj's.

Also friends, I was wondering if anyone had any tricks to remembering when to use who and whom. I'm learning about it in English Comp. and I mostly have a grasp on it, but it still takes me a while to figure out which pronoun to use.

Hope the week is good and that everyone learns something new! Many blessings, Libby