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Hi there! We are two sisters, Emily (Emmy) and Elizabeth (Libby). The Lord has blessed us beyond measure and we hope you will be blessed by this blog!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to School: It's that time of year again!

Hello friends! It's Emmy. How is everyone?
Well, summer is reaching its end, as that infamous day that every kid has a bittersweet feeling about, approaches. I'm talking about: the first day of school! Don't we all love it? ;)
This fall Libby will be a freshman at Harding University! I can't believe she's going to college! Love you Libby!
As for me, well, I'm proud to announce that I will be going back to school this year! So long home-schooling! It's been nice learning with you! This fall I'll be a sophomore Pikes Peak Christian School, which is a school at our church here in Colorado Springs. I plan on finishing up my high school career there. I'm actually kind of excited about it!
Will keep you all updated on school happenings.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Debates, Debt, and Deals

Hey everyone. It's Emmy!
I don't know if any of you out there have been watching the news lately, but for several days now, Congressmen, politicians, and the president have been trying to figure a deal for the nation's debt. (We like to stay informed via Fox News)
The debt ceiling deadline is in 4 days (Aug. 2nd) and today on the news they said if they(congressmen) don't figure out a solution, the government will "default" and the nation will not be able to pay it's bills. This to me is scary! And what's also troubling, is the fact that the president is showing a lack of leadership on this matter! He only makes speeches about the issue, he does not take action on it.
Just thought I'd share my thoughts on that.
Hope everyone has an incredible weekend!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coming soon to a Dutch Umbrella near you.....

Dear readers, I am excited to announce that I will be posting my very first "tutorial" in the near future! I just started the project and will hopefully be done with it tomorrow as my plans to finish it tonight got derailed-but that's a different story. Anyway, I'm trying to remember to take pictures. Until then, I'll give you a preview:
For senior recognition night at my church I got two towel sets that were useful and nice, but very generic. They definitely need some personalization so I don't lose them at college. The "tutorial" is VERY basic and easy for anyone who can do a straight stitch on a sewing machine as it is just sewing on some ribbon to glam it up!
I can't wait to share with you! I hope this is just the first of many more projects to come. I imagine that I will have some more projects coming up since we are needing to watch how much we spend and go out right now. Things are going to get crafty around here! Not that we don't ever do them, but now that our activities are limited we can have more time at home to craft. So stay tuned and don't change that channel!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Lovin', Lovin' Summer!

     Greetings Pals and Gals! (That line was borrowed from Grease...my fave line in the whole movie!) Anyway, I must apologize for forgetting about this. How neglectful I am! In my defense, however, we have been busy with packing, graduating, ballet recital, more packing, moving, and unpacking with some sight seeing and hiking mixed in! Summer always is the busiest season for our family. I wish I could catch you up on everything we have done, but I don't want to be a bore. So I will just tell you about our move to Colorado!
Our roadtrip to Colorado via West Texas

     Almost one month ago, we loaded up our cars and said goodbye to many wonderful friends in San Antonio. We are now in Colorado Springs! Praise the Lord for His magnificent creation! The mountains, weather, and scenery are simply gorgeous! We have had the opportunity to go on some challenging but fun hikes. We've also gotten involved in a new church family where we have been blessed with new friendships. I even met my future roommate for college at our church! That will prove to be a blessing if she and I ever drive home for a visit.
On a hike at the Air Force Academy

      As for our house, we are in the process of building a home on 2 1/2 acres and are in a rental house not too far from our land. Both homes are in the Falcon/Peyton community. I am right in my element here because it is a small town out in the country. The town has everything you need yet is roomy and uncrowded. What a welcome change to the crowdedness of San Antonio! We have a big backyard where I've planted six tomato plants, a gift from our realtor. Little Miss Pearl has ample room to run around. She enjoys exploring in this rural environment....sometimes we catch her digging holes to bury mysterious furry things. Ew! I think they might be rabbit feet. :(
This is the beginnings of our new house!

     Quite possibly the best thing about our rental house is our little visitor/resident: a baby bunny. Emily and I have named her Ivy. At least we think it's a her. She lives in a little hole right outside the front door. A few times I have gotten her to eat crackers from my hand! She also loves me to leave her some leaves of basil from my plant. ;o)
Ivy, the baby bunny

     Aside from our house, we have been making great memories by watching the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman series (it takes place in the Springs)! The base library has the whole series. We were thrilled to find it! Although it's quite dramatic and sometimes borderline cheesy, it still is very entertaining! We also just went to a fun event at the Old Colorado City History Building. The society that runs it hosted an old fashioned ice cream social fundraiser. It was very fascinating and we enjoyed looking around that historical part of town.
Independence, CO: an old mining town, now a ghost town. We actually visited there on Independence day, the day it was founded!

     To celebrate the Fourth of July, we sisters took a road trip to Aspen, Colorado to babysit for our dear friends. IT WAS A BLAST!!!! See the pictures to find out what we did there! We drove through some mountain passes that were quite nerve-racking but we praise God for taking care of us and keeping us safe!
Independence Pass! As you can see, there was snow and it was pretty chilly!
     Hopefully this week I will get around to writing some more edifying and encouraging posts, but right now I need to go make a run to our local library and return some books!
A miner's cabin in Independence.