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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quiet Time is a Good Thing

I read a lot of articles on popular Christian websites. They appeal to the trendy, young, twenty-somethings group of Christians. Maybe what you'd call "hipster". ;) Fun stuff a lot of the time! I sometimes find myself reading those articles and wanting to post in response, though. Challenge the thoughts. It worries me where young adult Christians are getting advice from sometimes. But at the same time I don't want to become a cynical critic, ya know?
For instance, tonight I found someone writing about how the popular "quiet time" notion just didn't work in his schedule. The first red flag that went up was that he only used one tiny portion of a verse in Psalms to support his entire article. However he gave some excellent ideas about other ways to serve God, seek God, and grow closer to God throughout our days. For example, he suggested making exercise time a prayer time as well.
But all that got me to thinking of all the places in the Bible it mentions devoting special time for prayer with the Lord. Several of the Psalms talk about rising early to talk with God. Even in the Gospels, we see Jesus Himself rising early and withdrawing to a quiet place for prayer. I think that is such a precious example He set for us.
Granted, I am NOT one whose example you should follow. I am still working on establishing a time for devotion. Usually, like to try to read in the morning before I get going with the day. And I've found that this funny, awesome thing happens when I give God the firstfruits of my day- He multiplies my time.
Don't think that I am saying following a quiet time regimen makes you a good Christian. For we are told in Romans that our lives- the day to day interactions, everything- are to be worship to God. But quiet time is a good practice toward that. It shows God that we seek Him, and that we ask Him to guide our day. It gives you something to have in your mind to think on as you journey through life. I sincerely believe it is a very good thing.