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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Checking In On: 50 book challenge?

Hi there friends. Its Emmy. 
Just wanted to check in with you all. If you took up my 'read 50 books by end of 2012' challenge, I'm wondering and wanting to know--how is it going for you?
I will admit:  I haven't been reading like I should, this year. Its been busy with school and dance and such. But this summer I have a list of a lot of books I will try to read!

We can do it!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Teaching in a Public School?!

As long as I have wanted to teach, I never wanted to teach in a public school. The idea of having to comply to bureaucratic guidelines in an institutionalized classroom never appealed to me. It still doesn't. As of lately I've had a change of heart though. 

Thanks to my "For the Love of Learning" board on Pinterest I am now not opposed to teaching in a public school. Granted, that probably won't be the first job I go seeking out when I graduate college. But if that's the job the Lord leads me to, I'll take it. 

Many might have problems with teaching in public schools saying, "But you can't teach the Bible or talk about God." Who says I can't? Who says I can't have encouraging Bible verses in my personal desk area? Just because I can't flat out teach the Bible doesn't mean I can't encourage Biblical principles. Especially in teaching Family and Consumer Science. That subject provides the opportunity for creativity and teaches many life lessons. It allows me to talk about integrity, character, and the importance of life, marriage, and family.

Through teaching in a public school I can show God's love to students by practicing hospitality in my classroom. I want my classroom to be a place that is a sanctuary to the students who come to it. I hope it will be a warm, welcoming environment in contrast to the cold, stark hallways and other classrooms. Through homey, beautiful decorations, effective organization and clutter control, and inspirational music playing in the background I can help students feel at home and relaxed and ready to learn! 

I also believe we can teach hard work and initiative to students in public schools. I want to be one of those teachers that has high standards and expectations for her students. I want to help my students do well. I want to care deeply for my students. I know a lot of kids who are smart, but just don't put in the effort. I would love to help students like that discover their potential and use it effectively and to the glory of God. 

Now these are just visions I have for a classroom should I be called to teach in a public, or even private, school. I don't know yet what doors God will open when I graduate. But whatever it is, I will do to serve Him and bring Him honor!