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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcoming September!

We are now five days into September, and all five days have been great! Around our house we've been getting ready for school, enjoying the nice weather God's given us lately, and having fun with football starting. For Fitness Friday this past Friday, it was especially fun because Daddy had the day off! So all 4 of us (plus Pearl :)) made our way down to the "park" in our neighborhood. Momma walked Pearl while Emmy, Daddy, and I  played football! We threw the ball around and then we ran plays that Dad made up-it was so fun! Yesterday our Oklahoma Sooners played against Utah State for the season opener. We didn't get to watch the game because it wasn't on TV, but Dad tracked it on the internet. It was a rocky start for the Sooners, they definitely struggled with their offense and defense, but they barely hung on and came out with a 31-24 win. I'll write later and update on how school goes when we start! Looks like a busy week ahead!

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