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Monday, September 13, 2010


Alright, so I'm sure we've all heard of this Mosque-at-Ground Zero controversy. Basically, a Muslim imam wants to build a mosque and Muslim community center just blocks from Ground Zero in New York. There has been a vast amount of controversy over it, and for a good reason! Generally, most people on the left side of the political spectrum are supporting/ defending it and the folks on the right are opposed to having a mosque built in sight of the place that was destroyed by Muslim terrorists. That brings me to my big problem with it. WHY? Why do the Muslims insist their mosque be built there? It can't be for religious tolerance-there are about 100 mosques in New York. I mean, really? Could it be a coincidence that they just-so-happened to choose property in that vicinity? Surely not. I have this feeling it is something else. I think they are subtly trying to tell America that they had a "jihad victory" there. If the reasons I previously mentioned are why they are building it, then why can they not build it somewhere else? Why do they have to build it RIGHT THERE- at Ground Zero- where some of their own (however extreme they may be) robbed thousands of their lives? Could they be sensitive to families who lost loved ones there? Think of the pain that would cause them. A constant reminder- day after day- of who murdered their family members. I'm not saying most Muslims are radical murderers. For 9/11 families, however, I think there would be a link between seeing a mosque so near to where family members died because of a Muslim extremist. I just wish the imam would be more sensitive to the feelings  of those 9/11 families. If Muslims truly are what they say they are, then can't they be compassionate and sensitive and build their mosque somewhere else?

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