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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Skirt Week!

Hi friends (Libby here)! Has spring made itself at home by now where you live? It's slowly but surely moving in and settling in Colorado. 

Our friend, Libby, over at A Noble Calling is holding a special challenge. Hop over there and check out her challenge to wear skirts for one week. Emmy and I are going to be participating to celebrate the warmer weather and our love for skirts! 

The two of us don't typically wear skirts every single day. We wear them often though! For us, skirts are cute, cool, comfortable, and unmistakeably feminine. 

For me, there are some circumstances when pants are preferred. For instance, sometimes it is not very ladylike or practical to do yard work, painting, or mission trip projects in a skirt. Or work with my horse and ride her. I know it definitely is possible, we just prefer to go ahead and wear our blue jeans. Also in those situations, we feel like wearing skirts draw attention to us, which is not our goal. 

Otherwise we are so excited to participate in this challenge! For day to day wear, skirts are excellent options! It's interesting to think about that there are some areas of the world where women wear wear solely skirts or dresses. In fact, women everywhere did until the past half-century. That being said, I have special outfit idea planned for one of the days, and I cannot wait to share it with you all!

Em and I have a few keys that help us with wearing skirts. 

Keys to Skirts
1. We love thrift stores! That is the best place to find cute skirts for great prices. That's where we find the most modest ones, too. Scour your local thrift stores and see what exciting pieces you can find!
2. We love comfy skirts. We've acquired quite a few soft, stretchy skirts that feel great and look cute at the same time! The soft material allows us to move around and not feel constricted.
3. Our skirts must be practical. That means on a daily basis our skirts usually aren't flouncy delicate material. 

Hope yall have fun seeing what we come up with! I know we will have fun too!

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