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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why do we blog?

It seems like every time I log on to Facebook I see a friend of mine posting a link to some blog post or article. Hey! I even do it, too, sometimes!

These become especially prevalent surround controversies in the media such as the recent Phil Robertson, A&E, Duck Dynasty, homosexual fiasco.

This always amuses me because I get the impression some people think blog posts are credible sources, or reliable professionals that everyone should read and listen to and take their side. Coming from the "blogger" side I can attest that is not true! I am just here posting my thoughts and feelings and hopefully encouragements for you. Many of my blogging friends would probably agree that, no, we are not professionals giving advice.

That being said, the emergence of blog posts on Facebook and Pinterest gets me to thinking, "Why do we blog?"

What compels us to share our thoughts with the Internet world? Why do we promote it on Facebook? I don't have an answer, but this is a good question for me. It helps me to get to the root of my motives for posting. Whether here or on Facebook.

Do I aim to change someone's mind? Am I passive aggressively pointing out a frustration I have with somebody?

I think one HUGE reason is that we simply want to be heard. We desire validation from others who feel the same way. And with every comment and "like" we get that validation. We get a sense of fulfillment that someone is listening to what we have to say.

And nothing is inherently wrong with that at all. But I must make sure that I seek to find my worth in Jesus Christ and talk to Him before voicing my opinions to others.

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  1. Amen to that! Good stuff Libby! Thanks for always sharing an encouraging or though-provoking idea. :) Love ya!