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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mewege, that bwessed awangement

Are we asking ourselves the right questions when it comes to "the right age" for marriage?

I don't think there is a right age for marriage. I just know that marriage between two stable Christians seeking to serve God together is good. It is good regardless of age.

Within these past 10 minutes I have seen two articles posted on Facebook about the case for marrying young/early. What are the odds! haha.

I actually support both sides of this. I have nothing against getting married young, so long as both parties have had proper counseling and preparation. I support young marriage especially for the fact that it might be our society's one hope of getting us out of this increased-age-of-adolescence trend. Both the blog posts I just read already have mentioned the fact that adolescence has been extended even past college graduation. This is a problem because young people are shirking from the responsibilities of adulthood and avoiding becoming productive members of society.

Marriage in general is being delayed. I believe this is reflective of the value the American culture is placing on marriage in recent years. For that reason, I support early marriage (of well prepared couples) as a countercultural statement, and to hopefully show the rest of society the high value of good marriages. 

On the flip side of this, I would not go around saying that people in general should marry young. Sometimes the timing of marriage is beyond one's control. Instead, I advocate trusting the Lord in this area. Yes, He may bring along someone you meet your freshman year of college. Or, as is my case, you reach your twenty-first year and still have not met anyone to spend your life with.

Reasons other than immaturity can delay marriage, such as commitment to doing missions. Hey! The mission field could be the perfect place to meet a future spouse! A person seeking to spread the Gospel and put the needs of the Kingdom above their own should be highly commended.

Another point I wanted to touch on was someone's claim that early marriage guards against sexual immorality. In a sense, yes, it does. Obviously, a couple can be freely intimate with one another in the context of marriage, therefore eliminating the immorality of having premarital sex. However, that is not the be-all-end-all of sexual immorality. And it certainly should not be a sole reason for a couple to get married young. Getting married does not automatically remove all temptation for sexual immorality. A married couple also must guard against the immorality of adultery and infidelity, just as an unmarried couple must guard against the temptation of physical intimacy prior to marriage.

Perhaps instead of saying I support young or early marriages, I should say I am an advocate for NOT delaying marriage. There is really no reason to date and date and date the same person for years on end unless there are kinks being ironed out (counseling, finding employment, etc.). There is no reason for someone to completely shut out the possibility of marriage while they are in college.

Pretty much, if you are trusting in the Lord, and following His guidance you can't go wrong!

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