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Friday, June 14, 2013

Aaaaand We're Gone

I took this from our house on Tuesday evening. Not much later the sheriff came by and told us to get ready!

Can I please solicit your prayers for the area of Black Forest and the city of Colorado Springs?

These are some tough fires and the weather is making it hard to get them under control. We really need the intervention of God's mighty arm.

Like many families, we were evacuated from our home on Tuesday night. However we realize that many people are in a harder situation than us, and our hearts go out to them. Our house has been listed as "appears unaffected" and we have many friends and church family reaching out to help us. For that we praise God. But like I said, while our home was spared around 379 homes were not.

We also praise God for good news this morning that they had a good night, and no structures were lost.

Our prayers are with the firefighters and law enforcement for working tirelessly.


This map shows the evacuation areas.


This is a good website of information.


One of our local news channels to get up to date information and learn more about the fire.

Thank you for you prayers!

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  1. I didn't even realize this happened! How scary! So glad you guys are ok!