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Friday, May 24, 2013

Come and Break Bread has a really interesting series going on now called "31 Days to Better Understanding the Bible." I stumbled upon this at just the right time.

Yesterday I was driving through the fog to pick up Emily from her last day of school at our church (she is a senior now! Congrats baby sister!), and I will be honest with you-- I had been struggling with living by the Spirit. It was like I was checking off a list, but had no heart behind it. Recently I was given the opportunity to speak to the teen girls at our church about modesty, but I felt completely uninspired for my upcoming talk! I knew in my head that it was something that needed to be done, but my heart was not right before God.

So somewhere on that drive into town, amidst the fog I realized, "I am sitting, wallowing in my filth of sin and Jesus has offered me His very own righteousness. He is the only one to pull me out of this!" Praise God for the blood of the Lamb that continually cleanses us from our sins. Anyway, the Spirit prompted me, "If you are to teach anything to these girls, you yourself must first be soaked and saturated in God's Word, and His love."

Although I had been reading the Bible on a regular basis it is time to really dig into it and start memorizing and meditating on God's Word. So that series was a delight to find this morning!

Friends, sometimes we go through dry spells where you just don't feel anything. Perhaps there is a link to that and hormones each month ;) Nonetheless, I encourage you to surround yourself with uplifting, edifying, Godly music and teachings; and keep pressing on and into the Bible, and ultimately Jesus.
He sent from above, He took me; He drew me out of many waters. (Psalm 18:16 NKJV)

 Grace and peace as you go through your day!

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