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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Be Still and Know

There's something to be said for moments of quiet and stillness.

About a month ago in women's chapel we practiced a concept called soaking. The idea of soaking is to relax in the Lord. I love that. Just to close your eyes, sit still, listen, and breathe in His love is so rejuvenating.

Quietness really is a gift on a busy day.

My top 10 currently favorite songs to "soak" in:

1. Power of the Cross- Natalie Grant
2. When Love Sees You- Mac Powell
3. Your Great Name- Natalie Grant
4. Rest Easy-Andrew Peterson
5. All You'll Ever Need-Andrew Peterson
6. All is Well- Phillips, Craig, and Dean
7. Scandal of Grace-Hillsong United
8. Invisible God- Andrew Peterson
9. Great, Great God- Phillips, Craig, and Dean
10. If I Stand- Rich Mullins

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