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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Checking In On: 50 book challenge?

Hi there friends. Its Emmy. 
Just wanted to check in with you all. If you took up my 'read 50 books by end of 2012' challenge, I'm wondering and wanting to know--how is it going for you?
I will admit:  I haven't been reading like I should, this year. Its been busy with school and dance and such. But this summer I have a list of a lot of books I will try to read!

We can do it!!!


  1. Hi Emmy! I've read probably a total of 2 books this year. I feel totally ADD. But I just finished 1984, and am now moving on to a series called Standing in Holy Places. What book are you reading?

  2. Hey Tori its Emmy. Wow! Way to go! What's that series about? I'm almost done with a book called Tread Softly and I'm in the middle of a book called Cybele's Secret (its a sequel to a book i read last year called Wildwood Dancing) and I have more books in line to read this summer.

  3. Oh yeah, I remember you told me about Tread Softly once. If I ever get through my series I'll have to try reading that. So far what is your favorite? The series I'm reading is a fiction story based on scriptural prophecies about the last days before the Second Coming. It's just supposed to represent what COULD happen, since no one knows for sure.
    Anyway, what are your fun summer plans? Will I be seeing you?

  4. Emmy here. Hmm...I'd have to say the book called Cybele's Secret is my favorite so far, out of the ones I'm in the middle of reading. What about you?
    Cool! That series sounds interesting! I want to try to find that series.
    We don't have certain, specific plans really, for the summer. Mostly just hanging out, relaxing, maybe go do some hiking/outdoor activities. Ya know what? We might possibly be visiting Utah sometime in July! But we're not for sure yet... What are your summer plans?

  5. Aah- sorry! I'm turning this comment into a conversation! I'll email you! ;)