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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Howdy Friends!

It seems that since 2011 has been upon us, I haven't posted yet! The new year so far has been full of many new blessings and changes. I have also realized that I am terrible at taking pictures, as I hardly have any to share of our recent happenings. 
Some fun news is that we have been honored to receive the Stylish Blogger Award from Miss Frannie over at Authentic Virtue ! Thank you Frannie!
If y'all can wait just a second, I'm going to go get my camera and put the pictures on the computer to see if I have any worth sharing.  :P
Alright, I found some! 

Auto-timer, take 1...looks like I'm dancing!

The temps dropped on Christmas night so we bundled up for a walk!

I got to go visit my elementary school....happy memories!

Dad and I went to OKC to celebrate my lovely Grammy's birthday!

Hmmm...wonder what they could be....

I know these are overdue, but I was so excited with how they turned out I just had to share them!

Well with the New Year, here's what's happenin':
  1. Co-op started! Emmy has: basic Chinese, Personal Finance, and study hall . I help teach 1st grade art, Drama, and Study Hall
  2. I started helping on Mondays and Wednesdays at a Christian school where a sweet lady from my church is the principal. I help in the 3rd grade class, mostly with a little girl who lost her leg in a car accident and needs help getting caught up. It's such a blessing to get to spend time there and I hope I can be a blessing to the teacher and the 3rd graders. (there are only about 15!)
  3. Emily is learning choreography for Beauty and the Beast ballet and getting ready for a trip to New York!
  4. I have been reading 1 Samuel-2Kings in order to get ready for a mission trip to Arizona next month.
  5. Last Saturday, we visited Medina Children's Home and had a wonderful time of fellowship and service with the teens there. (we picked up trash along the highway, and found some interesting rubbish such as a cowboy boot and a skull of some animal. [: )
  6. And the most important news of all.....
             .....WE ARE MOVING! To Colorado Springs. Daddy had to go early so he left on Monday, but we won't be going until sometime in June. He'll be able to come back a few times. As much as I wish we could just up and leave, because i'm so excited, we must stay behind a while longer for co-op graduation and to sell the house. 
This move is such an answer to prayer. The Lord couldn't have chosen a better location for us to move. We have always loved His creation up in Colorado. The honor, praise, and glory all goes to Him for His unfailing faithfulness. Have a blessed week my friends! I'll try to post more often!

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